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Masquertweet Text
A special thanks to:

Amanda Beals
Danny Brown
Nicole D'Alonzo
Jacqueline Dodd
Jessica Greco
Heather Dueitt
Arik Hanson
Rachel Kay
Gina LaGuardia
Katie Morse
Rebecca Neufeld
Kate Ottavio
Josh Sternberg
Rachel Weingarten
and of course - PR Cogette,
PR Dudette and Mrs.

(I'm only human, if I've missed
anyone, just drop me a note...)

ONCE UPON A TIME...On a slow early April morning of 2009, @prcog suggested a “tweetup”
with his fellow anonymous and semi-anonymous PR tweeters @prdude and @aerocles. One big
problem though...how to maintain the status of the anonymous members?

And so it was that a masquerade theme was decided upon...and if one would be masked, they all
would be
...and thus Masquertweet
was born. (“Tweetade” was also considered, but it sounded
too much like a post-twittering rehydrating beverage....)

Like most concepts thought up while idling on the subway, the idea caught on surprisingly fast. Within just
a few weeks dozens had RSVP'd and volunteers were coming out of the woodwork.

During a brainstorming session, the trio came to a profound conclusion - “Oh c___! This has gotten bigger
than expected.” Which quickly moved on to “Why shouldn't we also do something good for someone else
while putting this together? Well, in addition to having a good time....”

And so it was that @prcog reached out to a number of the
12for12k-ers and after a few Skype conference
calls arranged to team up and have
all proceeds from Masquertweet go to 12for12k's July charity - Eye
Care For Kids

So, get your costume ready and come join the fun for drinks and good times with friends, known and new,
at the very first Masquertweet
! Follow through to our RSVP page to get all the details and reserve your
space at this summer's must-attend event.

We still have plenty to do ... if you'd like to help out in any way - everything from finding donors and
helping at the door for a shift to compiling music -- don't hesitate to drop me a note.

Important details:

What: Inaugural Masquertweet

When: July 16, 2009 7-10pm

How much: $7 minimum, $12 suggested, No Maximum --
100% of the cover charge goes directly to Eye
Care For Kids

Wear: Costume, mask, or any other sort of ensemble
(of course)

Where: 49 Grove, which is of course at 49 Grove Street.
(a special thanks to the folks at 49 Grove, who are a sheer
pleasure to work with)

Questions?: Drop me a note! The only dumb question is the
unasked one. I'll likely make a FAQ page from the most frequent so
get to it!

New Logo Courtesy Octagon Strategy Group
UPDATE: The fantastic folks at BurrellesLuce, a provider of
practical and affordable media planning, monitoring, and
measurement services, have reached out to us here at
Masquertweet Central and offered to help make this a standout
event for all of the attendees and 12for12K/Eye Care For Kids.

In addition to contributing to the event directly, BurrellesLuce is
providing an HP - Mini Netbook with Intel® Atom™ Processor
N270 and copies of Shel Israel's forthcoming book
How Businesses Can Thrive in the New Global Neighborhoods
(furnished when the book is published in September). These
items will be raffled at the event with all funds benefitting
12for12K's July Charity Eye Care for Kids, full details to follow.