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1. Go to the socializr RSVP Page. RSVP for yourself and any friends you're bringing along. Please
include your twitter usernames in the comments.

2. (Optional) Prepay your cover and
have us love you forever....

Using the chipin widget to the right pay the appropriate amount for yourself and any friends you're
bringing along -
$7 minimum, $12 suggested, No Maximum. If you're an agency head, feel free to pay
for your entire company's cover.

Please note - all funds from the cover charge goes directly to Eye Care for Kids - 100%, so now's the
time to be generous and do something good for your karma...

New Logo Courtesy Octagon Strategy Group
A special thanks to:

Amanda Beals
Danny Brown
Nicole D'Alonzo
Jacqueline Dodd
Jessica Greco
Heather Dueitt
Arik Hanson
Rachel Kay
Gina LaGuardia
Katie Morse
Rebecca Neufeld
Kate Ottavio
Josh Sternberg
Rachel Weingarten
and of course - PR Cogette,
PR Dudette and Mrs.

(I'm only human, if I've missed
anyone, just drop me a note...)